Các bạn thích tiếng Anh thử đọc tin về ViOlympic được dịch ra tiếng Anh nhé ! Nào thử tài tiếng Anh một chút :

Online maths contest launched

An online maths contest, ViOlympic Toan Hoc, was launched by the Ministry of Education and Training, in conjunction with the FPT Corporation.

The contest was designed for students in elementary and high schools in order to encourage them to use computer and the internet more often and more effectively.

After registering and applying on the website, www.violympic.vn, students can enter the contest. Those with over 75% correct answers in each round will be eligible to advance to the next round. If they fail a round, students will be given the opportunity to try again. Those reaching the 25th round, known as the National Round, will compete for Gold Medals and rewards from the Ministry.

The country currently has around 13 million elementary and high school students.

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